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Making Sense Of Why Security Screws Are Used Today

hard drive security screws

Almost everyone has had the misfortune of using a product that has had security screws.

You will want to try to open an electronic device that you own, and yet you cannot because of how they are made. The product manufacturer does not intend for people to get inside of the units that they make which may include hard drives or even a microwave. There are only two ways that you can remove the security fasteners without a special screwdriver. First of all, you could use a hammer and just bust it open with a chisel, but brute force is not always the best choice to make. You could also use what is called a Dremel, cut a slot for a flat head screwdriver, or cut two slots for a Phillips screwdriver so that you can open that device. Let’s go over the steps that you need to take to open any device that has security screws keeping it intact.

Why Do They Use Security Screws?

As the title of this article states, it’s hard to make sense of the confusing world of those that create and install security screws. It’s as if they believe that no one else has the proper screwdriver to open everything up, or that they can find a way to do so. Considering that most people can search the Internet and find information about how to open up anything that has security screws, it’s a wonder why they continue to use these terrible screws which are simply a nuisance. That being said, though we may never be able to understand the confusing world of those that create security screws, we can show you how to deal with them.

Cutting The Slot Technique

The slot must be cut in the top first. The key is not to make the slot or notch, which you are cutting into, too wide. If you do, it could cause you to shear off the head which would mean you would have to bring out the hammer or hacksaw to finish the job. Additionally, if you make it too narrow, you will probably injure yourself when you are trying to open up the security screw, so you need to make it fit the end of your screwdriver snugly if possible. It is recommended that you use the one slot and then use a Phillips screwdriver as this tends to provide the most ability and balance when you are turning the screw. Using a flat head will just put too much pressure on one side, which could lead to breaking the head off and defeating the purpose of actually trying to take the screw off.

Torque Bit Technique

One other strategy that many people use is simply breaking off the center post of the security screw, and then using a standard Torx bit to take the screw out. This will work because it has a six-pointed star pattern on the top, and works perfectly in the whole that remains, allowing you to take them easily out, and also put them back in without worrying about stripping the head. The only drawback to this particular technique is that in using the Torx bit, depending upon the type of material that the security screw is made of, you could end up accidentally stripping the head, which is avoidable by using a Torx bit of the proper size.

Although these will probably continue to be made by companies that manufacture electronic components, at least we have a way of bypassing this nonsense called the security screw. It doesn’t offer security since most people know how to open electronic devices up that have them, so it would be in their best interest to just use standard screws instead. However, as most things go, this has been the standard practice for decades that they will continue to be the norm. That is why it is so important to find out how to bypass these security screws if you need to get into your electronic device, and these are two of the easiest ways to accomplish this task.