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Simple Ways To Market And Promote A Carpet Cleaning Business


marketing strategiesIf you have a carpet cleaning business, one that is currently struggling, you might want to consider different ways to promote it. It could be that you are not using the right strategies, or you are targeting the wrong market, to generate qualified leads. Instead of only using the classified ads that are in your community, you should expand to the Internet. There are so many different ways to advertise online including the use of PPC advertising on Google and Facebook, and also search engine optimization, strategies that can bring in targeted traffic. Before you can use any of the strategies, you need to make sure that you have a fully optimized website that is showcasing your services. Use the following steps to start generating traffic from the Internet, and it begins by properly optimizing your site.

How To Optimize Your Website

The first step of the process is to optimize your site using five specific strategies. All of these will help you rank on the search engines. “First of all, you should have unique content on every post that you make, including your main website, as this will make it easier to rank for your target keywords.” states Jewell Brown of Hurricane Web Design – Vancouver SEO.

Second, you will want to add images representing the services that you offer. Third, you will want to add videos. It is recommended that you use videos that you have personally created which are showcasing the services that you can provide for your customers. Fourth, you need to interlink all of the pages on your website, making it very simple for the search engine bots to index your content. Finally, John Clemons from says “You need to link out to other websites, specifically authority sites that are already ranking for the carpet cleaning services keywords that you are also targeting, something that will help you rise to the top of the search engines.”

Using The Power Of Off-Site SEO

The second step of this process is to finish the optimization of your website which involves off-site SEO. In simpler terminology, this just means that you need to build backlinks from different websites on the Internet which include social media sites, blogs, and forums. You need to make these on a gradual basis, so they look as natural as possible, and you should never use your main keyword but a handful of times. Once this is done, you should start seeing your website, and all of the secondary pages, ranking for the keywords that you are targeting on each page.

Starting PPC Campaigns

Finally, you will want to start a pay per click campaign that can bring almost immediate traffic which will be the most expensive part of your advertising as it will cost you money for every click that you get. You can do this on Google and Facebook, but it is preferable to use Facebook because your advertisements can be shared across the network. Using Facebook will help you generate viral traffic, but only if you are marketing with your videos that you have created about your business, and also using carpet cleaning related images.

Once you have completed all of these steps, you should start to see visitors coming to your website quite quickly, mostly generated by PPC traffic. As the days and weeks pass, this trade will begin to be a mixture of paid advertisements and visitors that find you because of search engine optimization. As long as you have properly optimized your website, showcasing all of the services that you can offer, you should have a dramatic increase in the number of inquiries about the services your carpet cleaning business can provide, and you will start generating more sales.