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Choosing the Right House Builder is a Matter of Careful Evaluation and Common Sense

The majority of people will build a home only once in a lifetime. It becomes essential that this exercise is taken with a lot of thought and care in the selection of the right house builder. The construction must be of the standard that you expect, and must be completed within the time frame you have envisaged, and importantly within the budget, you have allotted for this task.

house-under-constructionWhere to Begin

Finding the right builder must start with talking to friends and family, especially those who have had a home built in the recent past. It can help if the builder is one who is working in your area and has projects, ongoing and completed, that you can view to help you to make up your mind on the right choice. Collect as many names as you can and conduct a thorough background check of the ones you have shortlisted. Spend time with these builders, visit their sites and see if you are comfortable with their way of working and their attitude towards customers. You also need to assess whether the builder has the staff, equipment and means to take on your job. A builder who has too many jobs may give only token importance to your project, and this can lead to it suffering from inattention.

The house builder you choose must be one who has been in the business for some time and is familiar with the conditions in your area. Check their registration and go to the local council and get confirmation of their validity and the work they have carried out earlier. The builder must have a permanent office and not be operating from makeshift offices on projects. Builders will give you testimonials from their clients, but you will do well to contact these customers personally and verify them.

Finding Your House Plans

Building-a-HouseA good house builder should be able to help you with getting the right plans based on your requirements for your custom house. He must visit your site and inform himself of all the conditions around. He must be able to give you a detailed quotation for carrying out your work based on the plans that you have approved. You can always get plans made separately by architects, though this can increase your costs. The quotation must detail the specifications of the materials on which it is based. You must understand that if you make any changes in them, you must be prepared for a change in costs. The builder must also indicate a proper schedule, and it can be of great help if this is given for various stages of the work, instead of just an end date. This detail will allow you to keep track of the progress.

Home Building Payment Schedule

You will also find it advantageous to get a detailed payment schedule from the house builder. This schedule must be linked to the stages of the work and not on time, as builders sometimes try to get you to agree to. You can use this same schedule to obtain finance from your banker or another lender so that you have no trouble making the payment. You need to inspect continuously the work being carried out, but make sure that you do not interfere in the process, as this can lead to disputes and consequent delays. On your part, ensure that you make the payments as agreed and leave no excuse for the builder to slow down the work in any way.

Take care of all these aspects and there is no reason why you should not find yourself the proud owner of the home of your dreams.