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Wrongful Dismissal

Marketing Strategies For Unfair Dismissal Lawyers

If you specialize in unfair dismissal cases, you need to develop an online marketing strategy that allows you to reach out to a very particular type of potential client. Some general marketing strategies work for all lawyers, but you are going to need to adapt your approach for the kind of cases you deal with.

Use Local Business Directories

Using local business directories is something you need to do because these sites often rank among the top results when individuals look for lawyers, whether they need a specialized attorney or not. You should list your practice with all the leading business directories and make sure your information is up to date. Add pictures of your practice if you can, list your opening hours and make sure your contact information is up to date. Add a link to your official website to your different business listings to get more traffic.

Local Marketing Is Key

You are not going to take cases that are too far away from your area. Ask yourself in which areas you would be willing to work and make these locations important parts of your marketing strategy. You should mention your town in your content and use nearby locations as keywords as well. You can create different location-specific home pages for your website so that users can find content that is relevant to their location.

Use Pay Per Click Ads

Pay per click ads is an affordable way to get noticed. You can have text ads or banners displayed on a network of websites relevant to the services you offer. These ads could be a good way to reach out to Internet users who are looking for legal advice regarding unfair dismissals and other related topics. You can also have your ads displayed at the top of search results which is an excellent strategy if you cannot get your official website to rank higher than your competitors’ sites. If you decide to use search engine ads, make sure you use a strong call to action to generate more clicks and add the call button to your mobile ads so users can get in touch with you without even having to visit your website.

Provide Legal Advice

Your potential clients are likely to seek free legal advice and will want to learn more about unfair dismissals before deciding whether or not they want to hire a specialized attorney. They will go through a research process before making a decision, and you can help potential clients throughout this process by providing them with the legal advice they need. You can write blog articles, create a series of YouTube videos, launch a Podcast or provide legal advice on message boards or Q&A websites. Use some platforms to reach out to as many potential clients as possible but don’t forget to use location-related keywords in your content.

Use Contact Forms

iStock_000012690916LargeYou need to provide potential clients with an easy way to get in touch with you. Add a contact form to your website or blog and encourage visitors to use this form if they need legal help. Give people the possibility to share their name, contact information and to ask a few questions about their situation which will help you identify leads and establish an initial contact that is likely to result in the lead choosing the hire you for their unfair dismissal case. Make sure the contact form is easy to find, for instance by sharing a link to this page in a prominent spot on your homepage.

These different marketing strategies will help you reach out to your target audience. Remember to focus on local marketing strategies and do your best to provide your target audience with relevant information about unfair dismissal cases that will help individuals decide whether or not they want to hire a specialized lawyer. Keep track of the leads you generate thanks to your different marketing campaigns and look at how many of these leads result in a case. You should also think about getting help from a marketing professional if you are not getting good results or if you do not have enough time to develop your online presence.…