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Monthly Archive: February 2017

4 Tough Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Marketing Agency

marketing-questionsChoosing the right marketing agency for your business is one of the most important decisions you can make. Whether you are a new business trying to get established in your niche or an existing company wanting to grow, knowing the right questions to ask when making a decision about marketing can be the key to a successful campaign. Your money is important, and “the budget you set aside for any strategy needs to be spent in the most productive way possible.” says Jenny Yang, general manager of Magnolia Marketing Communications. Think about what you want to achieve before starting the process of interviewing marketing companies.

When you are ready to launch the search, make sure to ask these questions:

1. Who are the members of the marketing team?

Your business is important to you, and you want to spend your money efficiently, and that means having the right team working on your marketing campaign. Depending on the size of the company, your team should consist of some collaborators from senior to brand new. You should always have a primary point of contact with some expertise and experience that you can phone or email with any questions, but having contact information for everyone on your team is preferable. Ultimately, your decisions are the most important ones, and it is your money being spent, so make sure you ask about the collective experience of your team and make sure you are comfortable trusting them with your business.

2. How is success measured?

Before asking that question of your marketing team, you need to answer that question yourself. What does success look like? Is it the number of leads generated from this campaign? Or are you seeking to create a unique brand in the marketplace? Communication between you and your marketing team should be collaborative on this point. Being the experts in their field, they should be able to tell you what type of success you can expect with the budget you are working with, and also the best way of tracking that success. Ask about software based tracking systems that you might be able to check remotely to keep you in the loop. If part of the campaign is online, then you should be able to track the number of hits your site gets, or the number of clicks a particular link has.


3. What type of marketing suits my needs?

Your marketing strategy should match what your ultimate goal is to enhance your business. Are you planning on doing a marketing blitz for one particular product in the hope of generating quick sales like a holiday promo, or are you looking at a more long-term strategy of educating the public and building their trust gradually? Your target market is the key to how your marketing campaign unfolds. If you are appealing to a younger generation, then social media will need to play a large part. If you are catering to senior citizens, then a paper campaign will be the way to go. Baby boomers can go either way, but their electronic savvy will lean more towards traditional websites than Instagram. Your marketing team should always be consulted when making these decisions as they are the experts. Different techniques will differ greatly in execution and cost, so ask as many questions as possible about the process, so you aren’t surprised by a hefty bill.

4. How much is it going to cost?

Regardless of how large your budget is, you need to answer the previous questions before tackling the issue of cost. You always want to discuss this with your marketing team in the context of your end goal. How can you achieve the success you want with the budget you have? It may not be possible, so these discussions are vital at the beginning of the process. You don’t want to find that halfway through the work, you need to shift gears because you ran out of money. There are several different types of rates a marketing company can charge so ask a lot of questions to find the payment rate that suits you.

Hourly – if you are embarking on a long, education-based campaign, paying for the hours worked on a campaign could get quite costly.…